Eli Duke


Writing is fun. Just think about all the words there are to choose from! And all the different stories to tell! Yet there's still millions of people that don't consider themselves writers despite the fact that they probably spend countless hours every day on their phones or computer writing. You might not be a published author doing it for a living, but that doesn't mean you aren't a writer. You have a voice! Tell your story! It might not be interesting to everyone, it might seem trivial or tired, but it's still fun and such a treat to look back on years down the road.

The Purest Form of Humor

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been a sassy little shit. Ask any of my friends or family, friends of family, teachers, my friends’ parents… pretty much anyone I’ve ever interacted with. But, as I’ve heard my mother say many times before, I come by it honestly.


I’m a big fan of salutations, but sometimes I feel like an old man when I refuse to say “what’s up?” to people. It’s just never felt genuine to me. I know that deep down they don’t really want to know what is up or how it is going, they are just saying what everyone says. The problem is that a salutation with a question mark at the end doesn’t make any fucking sense.


I was cleaning and re-arranging some funiture this evening. During that process, I had a problem. It was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but it completely stopped me in my tracks…

A very long email from Louis C.K.

I am on Louis C.K.’s mailing list. He sends an email once every couple months and they are always such a pleasure to read. They are always straight out of his brain, off the cuff, interesting, and pretty hilarious. The most recent email is “very long” and completely worth the read. It goes way back to the beginning of his adventures as a standup comedian and makes me appreciate him as a performer even more. Nice job, Louis. Keep up the good work!