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I am going back to Antarctica

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The Quick & Dirty

I will be a Carpenter Apprentice at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, for the (big) austral summer research season from October to February. I will be supporting science through the United States Antarctic Program and the National Science Foundation. I've done five of these stints in the past, and my last season was 10 years ago!

Postcards from Antarctica

If you want a postcard from McMurdo Station, send me an email with your full name and mailing address!

Contact Info

I will have some ability for communication, but the internet is slow and there's no wifi. Everything happens at a computer in a kiosk. I can receive voicemails. I can send and receive basic sms messages.

Email: me@eliduke.com
Phone: 424-ELI-DUKE (voicemail & sms)

Mailing Address:
Eli Duke
McMurdo Station - ASC
PSC 769 Box 700
APO AP 96599-1035

Mail is very slow at McMurdo, but it still does find its way eventually. The best bet is to send things via "flat mail," which actually means NO BOXES. You can even send large padded envelopes and those usually get through ok. It is always better to send multiple smaller things than one BIG BOY, and everything needs a customs form so make sure you check with the USPS staff to get the correct form. Also, there is usually a mail slump in the middle of the season (Dec/Jan), get on it if you're gonna do it!