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Hot Won't Quit

This is the homepage for my band! It's a Github Pages / Jekyll site that has evolved over time, which now includes news, shows, and individual pages for each release. It has been fun expanding it as needed.

Hot Won't Quit dot com


AudioFilms are perfect for long drives and epic road trips. AudioFilms are perfect for friends who've seen the same movie dozens of times and can quote the entire thing in their sleep. AudioFilms can paint amazing pictures in your mind because the pictures are already there, waiting to be retrieved.



Chedda is a super duper simple expense tracker. It does nothing for you, aside from a little bit of math here and there, which gives you complete control. It started out as a proof-of-concept for a few logistical challenges I had rolling around in my brain, but then it ended up being pretty interesting and useful. I originally made it as a single-user platform for myself, but then my girlfriend said she wanted to try using it, and then a couple friends wanted in on the action too. I've got about 10 users right now with nearly $50,000 in tracked expenses. I know. It's kind of a big deal.

I'm really looking forward to the day when I have a couple years of data to play around with. I daydream about pie charts and line graphs.

This American Life

I really enjoy This American Life, but I absolutely hate the podcast subscription service through iTunes. Thankfully the current TAL podcast can be downloaded from their website for free, but I never remember in time and then I'm forced to listen through their weird flash player on their non-mobile-friendly website. Ruby to the rescue! I wrote a couple Nokogiri scripts, wired up an S3 bucket, and now I'm good to go whenever I want.


The story with poopypants.net goes all the way back to the Fall of 2008. I took a picture of a funny little scrap of paper taped on my brother's bathroom wall that somehow turned into my most-viewed photo on Flickr, Professor Poopypants's Pocket-Sized "Name Change-O-Chart 2000". As an exercise in Ruby programming, I turned that chart into a little ruby script. The website was the logical next step.

You can read the full history at poopypants.net/about.


I originally built ListYourList in the Spring of 2006 as an exercise in Ruby on Rails. I'd done all the demos and tutorials that I could stand, and it was time to start solving some of my own problems. The idea was for a simple site that might actually end up being interesting at some point. It has had it's tiny little moments in the sun here and there, but mostly it's just a personal project that I keep rebuilding from the ground up hoping that at some point it'll catch on.

You can read the full history at listyourlist.com/about.